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What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?

Are you looking to expand your customer base? Do you sell lots of the same products in large quantities or typically work as a wholesale supplier? If so, you may want to consider joining the Amazon Business Seller Program. It’s an excellent way to grow your online presence, up your B2B game, and, best of all, it merges seamlessly with your regular seller account.

If you typically sell larger quantities of products in wholesale lots to other businesses, the Amazon Business Seller Program allows you to do that on the retail giant’s website just like you’d sell any other product.

When you sign up for the program, businesses seeking goods to resell or use can search for you through the regular Amazon site while using specific credentials. Basically, it allows you to sell to traditional customers and business customers at the same time without having to go through a different marketplace or create additional listings. It will also help you stand out to other businesses.

What are some of the features of the Amazon Business Seller Program?

When you choose to join the Amazon Business Seller Program, you can still take advantage of everything your Professional Seller Account offers, but you’ll have access to some exclusives, like the ability to enable tax-exempt purchasing. You can also create a unique business seller profile page to attract new customers, take advantage of enhanced product content, and offer discounts on specific quantities of items.

When you set the prices on your listings, you can set specific ones just for businesses, as well as other business-only offers. You may also display your quality and diversity certifications, and use manufacturer, distributor, and National Stock Numbers on your listings. You will still have access to 24/7 support from Amazon, you can still use Fulfillment by Amazon, and you can still use any seller tools that help with inventory and order management.

How much does the Amazon Business Seller Program Cost?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the Amazon Business Seller Program will be expensive to join. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, all you need to sign up is an active Professional Seller account which costs $39.99, plus additional fees for items sold. Right now, if you opt to also join the Business Seller Program, you won’t pay any extra fees.

That means you’re still just paying $39.99 a month with fees for items sold but taking advantage of all the perks of the program. Of course, that’s subject to change in the future, so there’s no time like the present to hop on board.

What are some of the benefits of joining the Amazon Business Seller Program?

amazon business seller program 2 - What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?

It all sounds great, but you may be wondering what else the program can do for you. Let’s take a look at some of its most rewarding benefits.

  1. Expand your customer base.

The number one reason — and possibly the only reason — you shouldn’t hesitate to join the Amazon Business Seller Program is that it provides you with more exposure to a larger audience. That’s something every business owner wants.

Right now, anyone can log onto Amazon and search for a specific product, but your enrollment in the program allows you to stand out specifically to other business owners. If the transaction goes well and the customer is pleased with your product, they’re more than likely to turn to you again when they need those same supplies.

  1. Improve your credentials.

Most savvy buyers, whether they’re shopping for birthday presents for their kids or inventory for their stores, are going to check you out as a seller before they click the “Add to Cart” button. When you sign up for the business program, your credentials improve.

You’ll have a “Business Seller” label beneath your name. That alone helps you stand out from the crowd. You can also apply up to 18 other credentials, including diversity and quality, which must be proven by Amazon before they’re added to your account.

  1. Make the buying process easier and grow your profits.

Some of the perks that come along with the Amazon Business Seller Program can help streamline the shopping process for your customers and keep them coming back for more. This also makes life a little easier for you.

You can set up specific prices for large quantities of items but also offer discounts to customers who buy in bulk. This can improve your bottom line and send your profits soaring. Also, anyone who qualifies for a tax-exempt purchase, such as a charitable, religious, or educational organization, will find that it’s simplified through the program, making things easier for both you and the buyer.

Who Can Join the Amazon Business Seller Program?

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for the program. Because Amazon wants to keep businesses coming back to their site to shop, they set some pretty high-quality standards for you to maintain if you want to join. For example, you must have your inventory fully stocked 99 percent of the time, and your product quality rate must be practically perfect.

Your cancellation rate must be less than one percent, and your late shipping rate must be less than two percent. Furthermore, every single purchase you ship must include a tracking number, packing slip, and purchase order number. Basically, you need to be one of the site’s best sellers and maintain a high-quality business to join. But if you’re already doing everything right, achieving those numbers should come pretty easily.What is Amazon Business Seller Program?

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